Fuel360 Taranaki

Fuel360 Taranaki specialise in premium fuel treatments and services to help reduce fuel costs and improve emissions with a cleaner fuel burn. The challenge of the nature of the product is that the benefits of treating fuel in vehicles are not immediately tangible and users will have to consciously measure their fuel economy. For transport and agri-farming sectors with larger and older diesel vehicles, the gain from Fuel 360 and Fuel Right products are more evidently measured.

The purpose of this website is to showcase customer testimonials in the client’s portfolio, educate visitors and drive interest from social media to target specific interest groups. Client wanted to retail their products and showcase their re-sellers list with a location map.

We are developing their online sales and marketing campaign with use of Facebook to drive awareness, interest and traffic to their site.


Works done are Website Design, SEO, Social Media Marketing and Video Marketing

e-Commerce Website Package @$2880
+ Designing Facebook page @$200
+ Video Marketing Campaign @$299

visit https://fuel360taranaki.co.nz/